Sven Schönemann

Why do you need a password to access CATI?

If you are wondering why you cannot access CATI without password via Intranet, we would like to summarize briefly the network-related reasons.

We invite all colleagues of the DB group, on national and international level, to join our platform CATI,

Accounting information is important on an international level, this is not only due to the centralization of all DB Group’s accounting activities to three SSC locations: the SSC Germany in Berlin, the SSC Europa in Bucharest and the SSC Asia in Manila- or the worldwide use of DB group IT-resources. Therefore we have to provide access to German employees, as well as colleagues of DB Arriva, DB Schenker etc.

Our international colleagues are connected through various networks. Because of the worldwide variety of IT systems and IT services, it is not possible to establish a single, protected network for all DB group members.

For this reason CATI is not only accessible through Intranet, but also via the Internet using the Extranet site.

In order to correctly manage the user access, with the objective to protect confidential data of DB group and ensure business security, all users have a unique user-id and password for receiving access to extranet sites of CATI.