Sven Schönemann

How do I login to CATI?

Here is an overview of the login process.

Login for BKU-Users *

Please visit the login-page and enter your BKU username (e.g. JohnDoe) and current BKU password.

Login for NON-BKU-Users *

Please visit the login-page and enter your login data (username  and personal password). For the first-time user login you have to enter the initial password.

* If you have not yet submitted an request for CATI in the iMan application, your logon is not yet possible. In this case, please make up your mind and follow our

How do I access CATI?

What can I do if I can’t sign in to my account? The steps below will show you how to login to CATI.

. If you have already followed all of the steps and are still unable to login, please write an email to the CATI Editorial team