Sven Schönemann

What is CATI?

We would like to highlight the benefits of using CATI.

Our platform CATI - Community for Accounting, Taxes and Insurances is the online portal of CB and allows registered users to access all relevant information for work. It is an ECM-based information-Tool and is accessible worldwide with password authorization.

CATI provides you with in-depth and up-to-date information in the fields of:

  • Group Accounting (CBK)
  • Accounting Systems (CBG)
  • Balancing and Guidelines (CBR)
  • Taxes (CBS)
  • Insurance (CBV)

as well as

  • DB Shared Service (CS.B)

Among our users are:

  • (1) all users of accounting systems, like SAP, SeMa, WInI, etc.,
  • (2) colleagues involved in the consolidated financial statements,
  • (3) members of the SSC Berlin, Bukarest or Manila, and
  • (4) all other colleagues working with CBK, CBG, CBR, CBS und CBK.

CATI provides you with e.g.:

Support-Information *Information from SmartClose
  • User Guides,
  • Release-Information,
  • Up-to-date information about system limitations and downtimes
  • Documentation on monthly statements,
  • User Guides, guidelines and forms,
  • Validations,
  • IAF/IFRS-Accounting Guideline

...and much more!

* For registered SeMa- and WInI-users the registration for CATI is obligatory. 

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Newsletter registration is possible for CATI users (or via superiors or IT rollout managers).