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Sven Schönemann

How do I access CATI?

What can I do if I can’t sign in to my account? The steps below will show you how to login to CATI.

All DB group members are authorized to access information on CATI. However, please note that you cannot login before your iMan request for access to CATI has been approved.

iMan, the identity tool of DB Group, allows realtime controlling of user accesses and offers an overview of all users of IT Resources of the DB Group. Please find further information on the iMan website.

Non-BKU users, please visit the iMan website (available in German only) for additional information.

How to apply for CATI access via iMan:

Step 1 – iMan User Activation (if not yet completed)

To start the iMan user activiation please use the following link iMan User Activation.

Please follow the steps and instructions provided to complete the iMan User Activation.

For further information please click here.

@SIMS user: please note your additional neccessary task in SIMS. For further information click here.

Step 2 – Submit an iMan Request

Apply for your access to CATI via iMan according to this description.

Please find step-by-step instructions (from login to submitting a request) in the taps below.

  1. Login in iMan


  2. Open iMan – Main Menu


  3. Submit a new Request


  4. Insert
    (a) IT Ressource: Key 00000816
    (b) Request type: Set-up
    (c) Account type: User Account
    (d) Beneficiaries: < yourself >
    (e) Comment of further request details (free)
    (f) Role ID < 18445 with newsletter or 18447 without newsletter >
    (g) Forward to: < your personal supervisor >


  5. Click Save

  6. If necessary, register in CATI for the newsletter after receiving your access data (unless role 18443 has been deposited in the iMan application)

  1. Login in iMan


  2. Open iMan – My to-do list


    and click the open request


  3. Click Forward/Approve


  4. Select the G2-Approver G2 CATI / 2.Genehmiger CATI


  5. Click Forward to / Approve

Step 3 – Completion of iMan Workflows

After you have sent your request for CATI access, you have to wait until the 1st as well as the 2nd approver accept your iMan request. The system administrator will then proceed with final steps in iMan. After your user account has been created, the iMan request is closed.

Note: You can view the processing status of a request in iMan at any time. Please visit the iMan website for further information.

Schritt 4 – Email confirmation

After your CATI account has been activated, you will receive a confirmation email with an access link and user account information.

In case you cannot login to the newly created user account, please contact cati.team@deutschebahn.com.