Zur Startseite


The lights have gone out at CATI– we have moved!

You can find us with all content* in the new BBSV SharePoint now at the following link:...


We are getting more modern and efficient and are happy to welcome you there in a new, much more modern design. Together with other web pages of the BBSV division, we will appear in the future as a whole under the name BBSV SharePoint and communicate via an established MS Office platform.

An essential innovation of the platform change - the subscription to special topics – replaces the previous CATI newsletter and also enables information to be received in your e-mail inbox that is adapted to your area of interest. The prerequisite is the one-time definition of necessary subscription topics in the BBSV SharePoint and you will receive information and updates in the future exclusively from the editor via eMail from SharePoint. You will find more details on the new Startpage

If you are an international employee and you do not have a DB user, just send us a short message via DB Planet and you will be invited to access the system without any additional formalities.

*The mapping generator feature will be dropped in the future due to significantly declining user numbers.